Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tonight my girls ate an omelet, asparagus, and spinach salad.  Now, SB doesn't eat eggs....we don't feel bad at all that we didn't tell her that an omelet is just eggs and cheese!  NO ONE else can tell her either!!  Definitely not a usual meal for a 3 and 5 year old.  Our girls are great eaters!

Also tonight, Leigh got one of the prongs of a hairbrush stuck between her teeth.  She is 3 plus a little and still puts everything in her mouth! Frustrating, but that was downright funny when she had a hairbrush stuck in her mouth!

This morning, I was told for the first of many times that I don't know everything.  SB is absolutely terrified of swimming.  She can swim and is decently good, but is scared to death.  Sara Beth told me that while she was swimming she thought she would sink.  I told her it was impossible to actually be swimming and sink and that's why she needed to learn to swim.  That's when I got the famous line.  Zeb thinks I should start a tally. 

And...Leigh got the bad blister on the bottom of her foot on the stage of the pool--not the side.


Anonymous said...

Start a book

Eric and Amanda said...

Anna! I see you twice in one day and find your blog! What are the odds? The girls are beautiful and Sam is precious! I can't believe he is so big! Good to see y'all!