Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Ballet Recital

Last night was Sara Beth's first ballet recital.  Zeb and I gave her a ballerina necklace.  Needless to say, she loved it!  We really haven't let her wear jewelry up to this point, so it was a really big deal to her.  

Maybe my favorite picture ever of her--just pure joy!

Ready to go

William and Wes were in town, so they got to go to their first (and probably last) dance recital.  Laura and Chase, no matter what they say, it wasn't that bad.  They watched all of it (and it was less than an hour!))  William gave her some flowers.

Can't you tell the boys had fun! ha!  
Thankfully her hair stayed during the recital.  It wasn't long enough for a bun, but we pulled it back with a french braid and lots and lots of hairspray!  It gradually fell throughout the evening!  

We all went to Newk's for dinner.  Thanks to Ashley and John, Sam didn't have to go to his first recital--he will have more in his life though!  Sam was really paying Bo Bo attention last night!

And for the record...I was there...just no pics!


Anonymous said...

Great night for all of us. S.B. was so happy.

Timothy said...
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Anonymous said...

she looks beautiful and so grown up...

Anonymous said...

She had a great smile all night. A really fun time for her. Is it ok for her grandmother to say she was so cute?? Honey