Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Table 100

We went to Table 100 to celebrate Mother's Day.  Doe was having an okay day, or so we thought.  Ms. Shirley brings her and Mom goes to help her get out of the car and Doe has a small seizure.  The man inside (possibly a manager) sees what is happening, grabs a chair and rushes out.  Our waiter comes out as well and goes to get an umbrella to hold over her to keep the sun off of her.  She recovers very quickly and wants to eat since she is already out and dressed.  They then proceed to help her inside to the table.  It was honestly the best service I have ever seen anywhere!  The food is fantastic--I had the cobb salad today--so I would be going back anyway, but the service sealed the deal!  Doe loves to eat out and loves to try new restaurants and has been wanting to go to this one so I am so glad she was able finish.  She got the shrimp and grits and ate more then I have seen her eat in a long time.  It will probably be her last lunch out and it sure was a great one!  Thanks Table 100--go eat there!!!

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