Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If someone were to ask me what my goal was for the summer, I would say it is to be purposeful. 

 Purposeful in many areas:  1.  purposeful in my devotional life   2. purposeful in getting laundry done and keeping my house decent  3.  purposeful in how I spend my time with my 3 kiddos  4.  purposeful in how I spend our money--especially at the grocery store  5.  purposeful in how I (we) discipline our kiddos

1.  I have decided to do Train Up a Mom by Vollie Sanders.  I am going to take each chapter and do one throughout the week.  

2.  Well...I guess the best way to be purposeful is to do a little every day and follow through.  Since we are home a lot during the summer I am not expecting a super clean house.  Just one that if someone stops by I won't be embarrassed!  I can guarantee there will be toys out on the floor though!

3.  I want to read hundreds of books to them this summer.  I'm not exaggerating...this is my goal. I figure its really not too hard.  My girls LOVE to be read to and I love to read to them--so it's a pretty good fit.  We've done really well with this since school has been out, but starting tomorrow I am going to start a list to keep myself accountable!

4.  In January we started a budget.  I have had a hard time staying in the budget in the food area.  It is plenty of money, but this has still been a struggle.  I did better in May using coupons and eating omelets every now and then (they are cheap!!)  Food is expensive now, but I know with planning I can do it!

5.  I am blessed to have a husband 100% on board in the discipline area. Zeb and I discuss situations and how we are going to handle them regularly.   He is very helpful when he is home.  We have also had the privilege of going to a Wednesday night class at our church taught by Dr. Tom Elkin.  I think I might put some of the things that I have hit me that he has said on our blog over the next few weeks.  Tomorrow is the final class in a four week series.  Wish he would do this more often!

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You can do it!