Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girls Night Out

A friend from college started a new business called Easely Amused. Jen and I have been trying to go to Easely Amused since March--we finally got to go last night! It was so much fun If anyone wants to go--call me--I already want to go again!

So this is what we started with! A blank canvas, some paint, and some brushes!

This is what it looked like a few minutes in...
And the final product... (jen's on left, mine on right)

And when you come to my house, you will find it hanging somewhere!


Kim said...

I love it!! I so want to go there!! That looks like a ton of fun!

laura said...

glad y'all made it! your pears are cute!

The Hensons said...

very impressed. paint me something!!