Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Fun Saturday

We had a great day today. We spent an hour or so this morning playing out front with bubbles!

Then, we went to Richard Lewis' birthday party. Katie was so sweet to push SB for a few minutes.

enjoying lunch

Sara Beth managed to get into her lollipop on the way home. I think it is what kept her awake during the ride.

After naps we went to Flowood Family Festival! This was the best year yet! We had a blast and it was all absolutely free! Elizabeth was in a wedding, so AuntSa and I took the four kiddos to play. Here the three older ones are waiting in line for the slide. They did this at least 30 times.

I love how they look like steps! Bryson is 2, SB 3, and Katie 3 1/2

And here's the slide...

Leigh got in on the jumping action. She loves bounce houses!

You can tell she wasn't exactly sure what to think, but she ended up having a great time on the pony!

sweet, sweet friends
and there was a petting zoo

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