Monday, June 1, 2009

Dr. Chief

4 years of medical school and 4 years of residency--completed! It's hard to believe! We are so proud of Zeb, his hard work, and his accomplishments! He started as one of the medicine chief residents this morning, so we had to celebrate! (He puts up with a lot of cheesy celebrations, but I just can't let them go by not celebrated!)

Sara Beth and Leigh both colored on his chief hat last night and glued feathers (look closely) to the back. We did this while Zeb was outside mowing. When we finished, she went to mow with him. While they were emptying the lawnmower bag, Sara Beth said, "Daddy we made you a hat with feathers, but we had to hide it till tomorrow!" Oh well for surprises!

We made muffins and got him some picture frames for his new office at work! Also, if you look in front of the picture frames you will see three little chiefs that we got for him to take to the other two! Little did Amy and Jeremy know that they would get in on the celebrations too!

By the way, Dr. Deshazo has a radio program on Wednesday morning from 9-10 on MPR. In the Jackson area it is 91.3. You can catch it all over the state. Zeb is the chief researcher for the next 4 months for the show. Last week, he answered 3or 4 questions. So, if you have a few minutes on a Wednesday morning tune in!


Jen said...

Congrats. What an awesome accomplishment for the whole family! Yeah!!!

Lance and DK said...

So good. Congrats, Zeb.

PS We want you autograph since you are a celebrity now!

Anonymous said...

Where does time go?

Congratulations Z!


odomfamilyfun said...

How wonderful. What an accomplishment & reason for celebration. What a sport, too, for him to let you take his pic & put it on your blog :) Cute hat!!!

The Kosko Family said...

ok, i love speaking of health...didn't know zeb was a contributor now!

congratulations friends (anna....this is JUST as much your accomplishment!)

The Hensons said...

so, now i have to actually believe him when he says that nothing is wrong/do nothing/take no medicine/ride it out/it'll go away/it's just a virus/etc.? shoot.

congrats, uncle z! we're all proud of you!

Anonymous said...

chief zeb - i am so proud of all of your accomplishments and love the fact that anna makes a party for those memorable times. i love you - honey