Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chase, Laura, and Wes came to pick William up today, so we headed to the Hensons for dinner. It was a delightful dinner. Well, the food was at least! Wes cried the WHOLE time because he had to poop, William broke down several times due to an "phantom" bug that was biting him, Leigh fussed because her teeth were hurting, and Sara Beth had a fit because she didn't want to eat her pork! Do you want to join us the next time we get together?

Well, all of this excitement must have got Sara Beth thinking, because the drive home was her time to ask me all of the hard stuff she had been thinking about. For example, three (JUST 3 of the MANY) were:
1.Momma, why do I disobey? So, I use this teachable moment to the best of my ability and talk to her about sin and Jesus--leading of course to many questions.
2.Why does Eady have to move? Now, if you have read our blog for any amount of time you know that Jen and Eady are our dearest friends. Sara Beth knows she is moving to Tennessee and asks a lot of questions--it absolutely breaks my heart. (I'm trying though to focus on her, because I don't want to think about how much I will miss them!)
3. Why is William getting another baby? (Aunt Laura is due to have her third baby boy on July 16th--Sara Beth thinks this is very cool!)