Monday, April 27, 2009

My Sister, the World Champion

Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, Katie, my two girls, and I loaded up and drove to Orlando this past week for the World Cheerleading Championships.

Time out to brag on my sister... My sister Sara is a very talented cheerleader. She went to the University of Kentucky on a full cheerleading scholarship and has won pretty much every title there is to win. A few months ago, the United States put together a National Cheerleading Squad and they called her to come try out. She, of course!!:), made the squad. Now, this squad was started because in 3 years cheerleading will be in the Olympics.

Anyway, this past weekend were the World Championships. It was a real privilege for us to go and watch her cheer. Also, it was very cool to hear everyone cheer in their native languages!

The girls had the best time waving their American flags and cheering "Go Aunt Sa, Go USA!!)

All smiles after a great performance!

Even Leigh, who is normally a little leary of Sara, gave her a congratulating hug!

Go AuntSa!

The lady's hands in front of me perfectly frame Sara!

When Leigh wasn't waving the flag, or moving from person to person she...

was emptying my bag! Sara Beth very patiently picked it up over and over again! Here is AuntSa getting her gold medal!

We are so very proud of you Aunt Sa! We are proud of the accomplishments that you have reached, but we are more proud of the person you are! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sara and to all who made the trip. Don't know how ya'll do it!

Anonymous said...

awesome - honey

The Hensons said...

way to go, sara! looks like a fun trip! whenever the plans start being made for 2012...i want in!!