Monday, April 20, 2009


Christ Our Lord is Risen Today, Hallelujah! I believe this is my all-time favorite hymn and I love singing it! One of the reasons why I love Easter so much--even though it plays in my car year round!

We spent Easter lunch at my parents house. It is always so much fun. For as many years as I can remember, both sides of my parents family have come for Easter. It has been fun for everyone to get to know and care for each other over the years.

Here are My May and Bo Bo with their four grandchildren!

After lunch we had a great Easter egg hunt. SB can find some eggs!

Sara Beth and Katie feeding Aunt Sa and Mr. Nick some picy soup! (spicy) He was a sport to play along!

Zeb and I had discussed when the Easter bunny should come several times. We really didn't want to do it on Sunday morning. Santa doesn't bother me, but the Easter bunny really does. It worked out great this year, because the girls (including SB) didn't know that he would even come. So we didn't do it until late on Easter night. I would love to know ideas of what y'all do with the bunny on Easter. I am sure I will think about it all year!

Ready, Set, Hunt...

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