Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eady was over playing a few weeks ago while My May (my mother) was here. The girls were in the playroom having a great time when Eady found Sara Beth's computer. Now SB got this computer for her birthday. My May took her shopping for it. There conversation went like this...
"Sara Bef I really like your compooter."
"Tank you"
"Where did you get it?"
"I want one"
"Well, all you have to do is get My May to take you to Wal-Mart and she get you one."
Eady comes up to My May... "My May will you take me to Wal-Mart to get me a compooter?"
My May melts and promises she will soon. My May made good on her promise on Tuesday and took the girls to Wal-Mart to get Eady a computer. As you can tell it was a hit. Thanks My May!

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