Sunday, April 12, 2009

Going down to town for the game (or something like that)

Sara Beth was so excited about going down to town for the game which really means that she was excited about going downtown for the race! Zeb ran his first 5K Saturday afternoon. It was the Run from the Sun which benefited the Melanoma Foundation. Zeb had two reasons for running: a group of doctors from UMC (The Dyspneic Docs) ran and my Dad and Elizabeth have had melanoma (both have huge scars for proof!)

Family pic before the race...

Since I know you are curious as I was...Dyspneic means "hard to breathe" in doctor words. The back of the shirts say "running hard and breathing harder".

Sara Beth and Katie warming up with Bo Bo!

And the race begins. Zeb is in the blue and gray shirt and Jimmy Stewart is in the red and gray.

I kid you not...for a solid hour Sara Beth yelled and pumped her arm for the runners..."GO GO GO!" "Good Job" and so on...

Here is Zeb finishing...23 minutes and 43 seconds! I'm impressed! He runs daily, but not for speed. According to the Clarion Ledger there were 900 runners and he finished 91st!

My sister, Sara, ran. I can't remember her time. I think it was right under 26 minutes, but anyway, she was the 3rd girl to finish!
And Dad... He missed 3rd in his age group by 20 seconds. He finished shortly behind Sara.
And Clark, my brother-in-law, finished shortly after Dad! (sorry I didn't get your face--you were too fast!)
Daddy offered SB a different view to cheer from--you can tell from her face just how much fun she had!

Mom and Elizabeth walked while pushing Katie and Bryson--you can see a great pic of them on the front of the Metro section of the paper.
There are many more pics of our family on the Clarion Ledger website!
I am so proud of everyone for finishing!

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Lance and DK said...

looks like all of you had a great time! dk