Friday, January 31, 2014

Making the most of our snow...

Everyone was so excited to wake up and find snow on the ground on Tuesday morning!  We definitely tried to make the most of our day!  I had a couple of small activities ready for a snowy day!  We were glad we were able to do them!

Of course, there was lots of playing...

We were able to snap a few pics before daddy headed off to work.

snow/dirt/grass angel

caroline came and played with us tuesday morning because her brothers had school for a bit.  we made cookies.

her brothers got out of school early and a couple of them stopped by for a snowman craft.

there was lots more playing in the snow.

after the cookie dough chilled, i had some help rolling and cutting them out as snowmen. while the cookies baked and cooled, everyone went back outside and played.

mr. jeff helped them gather snow for a snowman

then back inside for the fun part.

the final product!

and again the final product!  i thought they did pretty good considering they didn't have much to work with!

and this is an absolutely terrible picture, but we went in to the courthouse a  bit before 6 and there was zero snow.  at 6:45 there was already this much on my car!

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