Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It was a Catechism Sunday in our house!

This past Sunday was  big day in our house.  Sam memorized and said the first 14 catechism questions--that is what is encouraged in the 3 year old class and Sara Beth received her Bible for reciting all 145 questions in one sitting!  I am very proud of Sara Beth.  It took hours and hours of practice!  I wish I could say it was all happy practice and that I was always kind and encouraging to her, but unfortunately I can't.  However, it was completely worth it!  I have had a couple of conversations with friends during this process asking us why we were doing. The reason we did it with Sara Beth and will do it with our others is because it gives children words to what we believe. It is amazing to me how eye opening Catechism has been.    While we were memorizing it, we had so many good and deep conversations about the things she was learning.  I think that a few months ago, I wrote that Sam wouldn't get past the question about 3 persons in the 1 God. Well, he finally did! But, when Zeb was reading our devotional 2 weeks ago it was on when John the Baptist baptized Jesus.  He talked about how this was one of the times in Scripture that God in all three persons was mentioned at one time.  We were able to draw on what all three had already learned in catechism and have a fairly in-depth conversation about it. That's what its about!

Now, I am very thankful to have a two year break before I have to hit it heavy with Leigh!  Although, we will be doing it the summer before second grade instead of waiting until school starts!

If you are on the fence about whether or not to do it with your crew, do it!

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Runs With Scissors said...

Congratulations to ALL of you. The children's catechism is a great gift to every child who will commit it to memory.