Monday, November 25, 2013

Atlanta, A New Roof, Zeb's Birthday, and a few other randoms

Since we had a three year old little boy in the car, we were pointing out and discussing all the planes coming in and out of the Atlanta airport.  It was pretty cool when we pointed out that that was the plane that Elizabeth, Clark, and Anna Corinne were on!

After greeting them at the airport, we headed to find something warm to do!  It was cold!  We went to one of the malls in Atlanta and rode the Pink Pig!  It wasn't much of a ride, but it was quite a surprise to find at a mall!

I sure love my banana loving, tall, skinny boys!

Sam accidentally threw his ball up and over the light in our bedroom.  He couldn't reach it, but he was certain the knight could!

My parents got a new roof a few weeks ago and Sam and I went and camped out to watch!  He was mesmerized!  We literally set up chairs in the driveway and watched!

Griffin came by for a bit to watch!  When the boys got restless we went inside and played for a bit!

Wiley and Zeb have November birthdays--to celebrate, Molly and I took them to New Orleans!  It was a fun, quick, spur of the moment trip!  We can't wait to go back!

Thanks to Kelly and Caroline, our kiddos had blast and we didn't have to worry about them one bit!

They are laughing because I forgot to take a picture of the two of them the entire time we were there and I took one in their driveway.   At least I got one!

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