Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome Home Anna Corinne

Clark and Elizabeth came home with their little girl last Friday morning!  We all traveled to Atlanta for the big homecoming!

Katie and Bryson had been able to facetime them about twice a day, so Anna Corinne was excited to see them!  It was a big deal she walked out (of the bathroom nonetheless) holding their hands!

The new family of 5!

 She has quite the personality!  Considering her little world has been turned upside down she is doing remarkably well! She is starting to bond and realize she is now a Pegg!  

We were playing outside.  I could tell she wanted her Mama so I told her I would take her inside to where Elizabeth had just walked.  I did do that...but really it was just my ploy to hold her and kiss on her!  
I have a few more pics that I took on my phone that I will post in a day or two!

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