Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flash Dash

Friday night was the first annual Flash Dash.  It was so much fun because we ran through part of our neighborhood.  The girls made shirts and had so much fun getting "flashed" up!  I even (sort of) got Zeb in on it!

It was fun for both kids and adults.  There were several good bands playing and they had glow in the dark face painting for the kids.

I was so impressed with Sara Beth.  I picked her up from camp at 5:00 and we were at the race about 6:30.  We didn't even start running until 8:15 or so which is past her bedtime!!  Rumor has it that it was actually 3.3 miles and we finished in 36 minutes!  She said racing was a lot better than training! ha

Leigh finished in an impressive 53 minutes!

We are looking forward to next year!  I just wish it was in October or April!  It is TOOOO hot in June!

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