Wednesday, June 19, 2013


summer is in full force around here and it is quite exhausting!  we are trying to do a lot while at the same time not doing much at all.  we are very thankful to have wonderful neighbors with kids.  they moved in a few weeks ago and my girls are super excited!

they hydrangeas are also in full force.  part of the fun of moving is seeing what all comes up in the yard each season.  we have 5 or 6 of these bushes and i have had hydrangeas all over my house for the last month or so!

a while back the henson boys came in town for a quick visit.  my kids always have a blast with them.

i have spent hours outside reading on our screened porch.  it stays shaded so it is comfortable most days.  i told my sister in law, laura, that i might buy a moo-moo dress the next time i am at walmart.  it seems like that would only add to my comfort! ha!

austin has had a serious case of allergies this spring.  we were having to give her benadryl on a nightly basis.  she is the only dog i know that can lick a tablespoon of  peanut butter off of the benadryl and leave it on the ground.  in the pic below zeb had been holding her mouth closed several minutes so she was forced to swallow it--look where she hid it!  smart girl!

ohh-my birthday was a month ago, but somehow i managed to have it stretched out for about a week and a half.  that what happens when you spend your entire birthday on a plane home from california!

we have done lots of swimming!

and playing in the puddles left over after these afternoon showers

sam wanted doe to put on his shoes.  he patiently waited about 5 minutes for her to get one on before he hopped in my lap for the other one.

nothing like a tea party at friends

park time

last week leigh went to vbs with graham so i had some good one on one time with sara beth.  (sam was in the playroom-but he is completely content playing with his trucks.)  sara beth was able to make her and leigh a new church bag.

on our anniversary zeb got a slightly panicked call from my little sis.  we got a good visit with her in at the er while they sewed her right index finger back on.  i will spare you the nasty pics but she basically pinched (i think the doctors word was avulsed) her finger off on a boat ladder.  thankfully she is much better (with a MUCH smaller cast now) and we have our date rescheduled for july 5th!

i am going to force myself to get off the porch and update my blog more regularly.  these are fun times i don't want to forget!

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Courtney Biggs said...

Oh no! I hope your sister is okay. That doesn't sound good... that is actually cringe-worthy. I stumbled upon your blog because frankly, I was bored and hit "next blog" on the head bar of my own blog. Reading your recent post, I already love your blog! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you continue to have a wonderful summer. I hope your sister's hand gets better. :)

~Courtney from Barefoot In Blue Jeans