Saturday, January 5, 2013

We've Got the Blues

When I was on bedrest two and a half years ago and eighty plus pounds more than I should be, I told Zeb if I ever got up (it seemed like it would last forever) that I wanted to walk a half marathon.  He took me seriously because while Sam was still in NICU he called from work one day and said he had picked us out a race--just five months away.  I did the St. Jude half and he ran the whole.  Since then, I have done 6 halfs and he just finished his third full!  Neither one of us have ever done the Blues Marathon and I must say that the organizers do an awesome job!  It was so fun--and hard--oh, my! the hills!!


Finishing!  My sister, Sara, has walked most of the halfs with me!  She's a great walking partner.  We were pleased with our time today! We get tickled at peoples comments because we aren't speed walkers--we just say we walk fast!  There is a difference in technique.  Runners get irritated when we pass them!  It's funny to hear what they have to say when walkers pass!  The Jackson hills did me in today.  I am already sore!

I am so proud of Zeb!  He wakes up really early to run so that it doesn't interfere with work or family time!  He did a PR today. (That is shocking to me because of yes, again, the hills!)  Wahoo!  He was booking it--that is an 8:30 or so average per mile!  Rob Oates ran with him today and that made it even more fun for him! I'm so proud of him!

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Gray said...

We think y'all were the first walkers to finish...y'all were moving! Congrats to Zeb on the PR! I heard someone ask if the organizers needed lessons in finding flat spots, ha!