Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well, the unpacking is done and the pictures are hung--mostly.  We are definitely feeling like this is home and love the proximity to school and church.  I have had several friends ask me to post after pictures.  I will do the upstairs and kitchen now, but am waiting on some sofas to come in and some chairs to be recovered to do the downstairs.  

Leigh's room--her paint is called Almost Pink
I had a little panic because I was planning on putting these beds with these bedspreads in Sara Beth's room.  However, once I got them in I didn't like it because of the shelves in her room. I was afraid that putting it in Leigh's room would just be too much pink--but then afterall, is there such thing as too much pink!  She really likes it.  At some point I will paint the beds to match, but honestly, it might be several years! It is definitely not a high priority for me.  (One of these bedspreads was on SB's bed in the old house and Pottery Barn still carries it so it was easy to get a matching one.)

This is the girls bathroom.  I have hung the owl picture and their cute little owl towels that my sister, Elizabeth, did.

Sam loves his big boy room!  We decided that moving would be a good time to transition him to a big boy bed.  He has done great!  His paint color is called Sea Gull Gray.  I LOVE it! I was worried that it would be too dark and it isn't at all!

I don't think the light is on when I took this picture.

This is Sara Beth's room.  She has done such a good job keeping all of her shelves neat!  Her color is called Seawind.  I love it too! It is so fun and girly.  I went ahead and did a bigger girl bedspread for her bed so that I wouldn't be re-doing her room in the next few years.  She thinks she is so grown up!

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Anonymous said...

I CANNOT wait to see it in person. Yall have worked so looks beautiful!