Sunday, December 23, 2012


We have been in our house one week now and it has been crazy!!!  Between Christmas shopping and parties, unpacking, and illness I haven't really had time to finish anything!  Leigh had strep on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thankfully she got the strep shot on Wednesday morning and by the afternoon she was good to go!  Thursday Sara Beth got puny and by Friday she was all out sick.  She tested positive for the flu!  A chunk of change later (tamiflu is expensive!) and several days she is beginning to feel better. She still hasn't gotten off of the sofa, but hopefully by Christmas day she will be good to go and no one else will have gotten it! Both girls managed to miss the Christmas party at school!  The worst part about it is that we missed celebrating Christmas with Zeb's family.  It was yesterday and today after church! Zeb went to church this morning, but we weren't confident enough to send Sam and Leigh.  Even though they have been good so far, we would HATE to give anyone else the flu at Christmas!

Last night we watched The Polar Express! We are trying to make the most of it and have some good family time!

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