Thursday, January 17, 2013


I must say I was a skeptic.  I doubted we would have snow!  I think we ended up with about 4 inches.  As quickly as it came, it went!  For the most part, it is already gone!  

This was taken at 7 am. It snowed for about an hour and a half after this.


Zeb got to play for a few minutes before heading to work--unfortunately, people still need doctors on snow days!

This makes me laugh so hard.  He was miserable--but he sure wasn't going to be left out of making a snow angel!

The house across the street is for sale--so we messed up their pretty snow!

Our snowgirl

Kate came over about 8:30 and played--isn't she the  most stylish girl ever!

Now, I'm ready for some sun!  I'm not sure if I've seen it all year.  It is funny to me that 5 days ago we were riding bikes in shorts in between all the rain showers!  Not today!

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