Monday, April 2, 2012

Zeb spoke at a conference in Destin on Saturday, so we all packed up and went along with him!  It was a quick trip.  We left Friday morning and came back Sunday night. 

Everyone had a good nap on the way down.

When we got there we headed straight to the indoor pool for swim time!  Then we went to The Crab Trap for dinner!  It was SOOO good!  Sam thought it would be fun to eat coleslaw with a shovel!

It was very windy after dinner, but I tried to get a pic anyway!  I am so upset that I forgot my good camera.  So, all the pics are with my iphone.  I don't understand why sometimes they are clear and sometimes they are NOT!

The buckets that The Crab Trap give to kids make great hats.

Saturday morning it was really raining.  We went to The Donut Hole for breakfast and then  Zeb and the girls went swimming at the indoor pool!

Sam took a nap on me!

The girls didn't care if it was raining or not--they headed out to the outside pool for a bit!

Even minutes before Daddy's talk, he paused to read Sam his favorite book.

After naps it finally cleared up for some beach time!

Sam wasn't too sure about the sand.

This makes it look like he was having fun--he was only out of Zeb's arms for a total of 30 seconds!

After naps we went to Baytowne and had a lot of fun eating dinner and walking around.  We ate at Hammerheads and we were able to eat a yummy dinner while listening to live music and watching the Kentucky game.

And the girls got to ride the "ferris go wheel" at a cheap rate of 7 dollars for about 2 minutes! ha!


Anonymous said...

Lots of fun in a few days!

Nicki said...

Love the girls smocked beach tops!

Claire said...

You really packed a lot in! I love all the girls' clothes. So cute! My brother had the SAME reaction to sand when he was about Sam's age.

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