Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Easter Fun

Right now I feel like I am not able to do things ahead.  This really bugs me!  I think the main reason is because our house is on the market and all of the thinking time is now cleaning time!

After gymnastics on Tuesday I took the kids to the pottery place to paint their Easter egg.  I started this last year and really want to continue it!  The kids have a blast and one day I will have their sweet painted eggs all over the house!  I am making sure I put the date on the bottom of the eggs!  

These next two pics are out of order, but it is way to difficult to switch them!  These are from SB's party today!

I saw this idea and had to make one.  I was too cheap to go and buy clay pots so I just used stuff around the house!  The kiddos got the idea and they love talking about the tomb being empty.

I was in charge of dessert for Leigh's class, so I made these cupcakes.  They were super easy!  The key to making the marshmallows look like ears is to cut them on the diagonal.  It took me quite a few cuts to figure that out!

Harkins, Lillie, Leigh, and Caroline
Leigh's class party was at Lillie's house.  It was raining, but Lillie's parents were super sweet and let the kids hunt eggs inside!

Leigh's class

London made this chex mix.  The parents couldn't quite talking about it!  I took a picture so I could remember everything! Try it--I promise you won't regret it!
chezits, caramel bugels, m and m's, pretzels

Sara Beth's party was supposed to be at someone's house too, but the weather was quite rough this morning so we had a change of plans.  Thankfully by 10:30 things had calmed down and the sun was shining, so they got to hunt eggs on the gravel playground.  We numbered the eggs 1-13 and the kids had to find an egg with each number on it.  This was a great way to slow down the hunt, plus it let them work on their math skills!

I have so many more ideas I want to do for Easter, however it is just a few days away!  We may be finishing up some projects on Monday!


Anonymous said...

You had some cute ideas. Great pictures. Honey

Claire said...

Looks like you've been having fun! We're doing eggs sometime soon...not sure when, though. hA!

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