Monday, March 26, 2012

Friends in town

Rebecca, one of my best friends from college, moved to Jackson about a month ago.  We have had so much fun and so have our kiddos!  Last week Bec had a meeting and her kids came to play for a few hours.  Since I had three boys we did what little boys like to do--get messy!  And sweet Leigh can hang with the boys when boys are around or be prissy with the girls if needed!

Sweet brothers

And now that Bec is here hopefully Emily will be coming more!  Emily came on Friday and we had a picnic at the park!  However, she is the only one not in this pic!

love this one of Leigh and Graham

 All the kiddos!  Guess which one wasn't cooperating???

and Sara Beth ran into Katie and Hart at the park and got to play with them for a bit--of course they had to get their picture taken too!


Rebecca said...

So sweet, Anna! We are having so much fun with ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute bunch of children!