Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ari and Alexandra's birthday party was at State while we tailgated! This was our first trip to Starkville in quite a while.  We were excited to take the girls!  Sam was chilled most of the time!

Chase with our girls--Zeb pushing Sam
Our girls love Chase! I'm not sure he knows what to do with all that lovin' since he just has boys!

Sara Beth got her face painted...

While Leigh got both hands painted...

and Sam still was chillin'  (I love this position)

This makes me laugh!  I have no idea who this boy is, but it looks like he has it out for Sara Beth!

"Daddy, you want me to do what?"

I had a great time catching up with friends!  Too bad it was really too hot to visit!
Emily, Molly, Rebecca, and me

cupcake time

Honey and G with 7 out of 8

still chillin'
he was like this all but about 2 minutes of the entire day

We also got to see Corie and Brett!  It has been forever since we have seen them! I wasn't even pregnant with Leigh the last time we did!  Here is Sara Beth, Corie, and their oldest Reed!

The girls had to have on head phones so they didn't have to listen to this...

He still doesn't like the car!  He didn't do this the entire trip--it just seemed like it!  He was super happy to get home and get out of the heat!


laura said...

such cute pictures! and sam is getting sooo big!! he's precious!

Anonymous said...

Poor Sam!