Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Honey

Happy Birthday, Honey!
We hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!

We had a great weekend! Zeb had to work, but he still had plenty of time at home!  Nothing like residency was!  Saturday we played outside a lot! It was absolutely gorgeous!  Fall is my favorite season and it made me so ready for the cooler days!  That night the girls and I cooked dinner (pictures below).  It was nice because I didn't care about the mess since I had plenty of time to clean it up.  It was yummy!  The girls spent the night with my parents Sunday so Zeb and I ate hamburgers that he grilled.  Zeb worked all morning on Monday and then Monday night the Hensons came over for dinner to celebrate Sandi's birthday!  It was a lot of fun and very relaxing!  I was able to snap a few pictures from the night, including the one above, which may now be one of my all time favorites!

Everyone got some good G time!

Cooking is serious business around our house!  (saturday night)

The sweet potato fries were good even with all that garlic powder!

Quesadilla burger (a lot healthier than the Applebees version) and sweet potato fries

Quesadilla Burger:
Grilled hamburgers (i grilled them on our indoor grill--not as good, but a good option when your husband has worked all day)
low fat tortillas-grilled for a minute or so on each side
fajita seasoning mixed with 8 oz of fat free sour cream
2% shredded cheddar cheese
fresh spinach, chopped

Sweet Potato Fries:  My girls even liked these dipped in a little ketchup
sliced sweet potatoes (i sliced them in my food processor)
salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil
bake on 400 degrees until crispy


Anonymous said...

Good night and great food!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful evening. Food was great and the company even better. Honey