Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Circus Time

Saturday, we went to the circus, not that we really needed to go to see one because our house is very similar!

We got there early for the pre-show and the girls got to try on some shiny costumes.

They both enjoyed walking on the tightrope.

We had great seats in section B5 (for future reference)!

Leigh says her favorite part were the clowns!

Not wanting to slow done for a pic


scared of the loud music

mesmerized by the acrobats (her favorite)

both worn out since they nap daily at 1:00


Anonymous said...

Bet Zeb's favorite was not the clowns!


Lance and DK said...

oh my. i really see leigh's resemblence to you in her napping picture. and sara beth looks just like zeb. wow, genes are so powerful and God is so awesome.

the blonde, herself said...

I love these pictures! And The "horsie" quote was so funny! Miss yall!