Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Pics

Sam has now gained 2 oz and weighs about 6 lb 3 oz.  I think most all of his weight is in his 20 1/4 inches!  Too us, he's tiny!  I wanted to take some pictures before he grew anymore so I could remember! 

When Sam is awake this is where the girls are!  I have to rotate his head so he can look at both of them!

Leigh and Sam holding hands

Lots of feet

I love this one!

And all the picture taking just wore him out!

When Daddy came home, I got him in on the action!

Daddy's hand

Another favorite

Daddy's finger against Sam's arm

Daddy's finger against Sam's leg

My sweet boys


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. I've seen those girls with him and it will steal your heart. Honey

Anonymous said...

Such precious pictures! Such a precious family! MyMay

Bluebird Hill said...

I am dying to get my hands on him! The girls look like they are in total heaven!

Anonymous said...

Special family!


Anonymous said...

these pictures are so sweet. my eyes are watering up. i'm better today and we're packing now. i can't wait to see him and all of you! love, holly (and ariana who is right here with me)

Sarah Brashier said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. Tell zeb hello!!