Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sam had to go back up to the NICU today for a check-up!  He checked out good!  He lost another ounce- so we are obviously still working on eating.  We hope and pray that will get easier in the next few days.  

Sara Beth's baby Samatha has also been having trouble eating.  She informed me that she was doing good with it today!

My parent's have come up with a yard sign for all of their grandkids.  This time it was Humpty Dumpty (a favorite of the girls).  I was surprised Dad had time to do it with Sam.  He said he bought the wood Friday night after he was born and it was in our yard on Monday when we came home!

Sweet pic of all the grandkids on my side of the family

And of course the girls had to pose with their babies!


Anonymous said...

Sam looks so good! Praying that he eats more and more each day.

The Hensons said...

cute sign!

Lance and DK said...

sweet,sweet family, hope to get by when i come to jax this week. dk