Monday, July 19, 2010

Sam I am

This is my grandfather Sam and our little Sam's namesake!  My mom and my grandparents were on their way back from Birmingham when Sam was born!  I really wish I could have seen his face when he found out it was a boy.

my grandfather is actually Sam W. Waggoner III--funny story.  his daddy was Samson Wilder Waggoner, Jr.  Zeb and I kidded that we were going to name our Sam: Samuel William Henson, IV and it would be about the same!  Actually, William Was Zeb's grandfather's name; his dad is George William; his brother is William Chase;  and then we have a nephew William so that's where the William comes from!

I have been told that we don't even need to send birth announcements because Dub (my gf) has already told everyone about him!


Bluebird Hill said...

ahhh - what priceless pictures!

Jessica said...

These are such precious memories, anna! I stay updated through em. ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers!