Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A few more from the beach

Holly and Alexandra 

This was taken at Cosmos--it's funny because the boys were definitely dancing more than the girls-but this pic doesn't show that!  Those boys can dance!

I was so excited that my friend Emily and her little girl Mary Brooke were at the beach!  They came over and were some great company during my "condo" vacation!  Mary Brooke is a sweet, beautiful little girl!  Rebecca was going to come, but Graham woke up sick-we missed them!

I spent a lot of time watching the oil clean-up crew out of our 7th floor window.  On Thursday, we had the definite smell of oil from our balcony--even though I don't think you could smell it from the pools!  What a mess!

The snow cone place had a park where the kids got to play for a short time!

I have a new favorite restaurant down there-Tin Top! It's a little bit of a drive from the Caribe-but worth every minute-yummy!

Sweet pic-wish it didn't look like SB was choking her! ha! She wasn't--just trying to get her to look at the camera!
We had a crazy trip home!  We left at 9:45 and didn't get home until 5:20!  It wasn't bad-just not a usual trip for us!  Normally we go without stopping, but not the case this time!  We knew it would take somewhat longer because I have to stop and walk around so I don't get blood clots (or something like that)!  The girls were starving.  We fed them the whole way!  We stopped in Hattiesburg at a Farmer's market and the girls ate a banana on a swing!

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