Saturday, October 31, 2009

We are in Oz

We had such a fun day! Zeb did his fatherly duty and carved the girls a pumpkin. He's getting pretty good at it!
You can tell by her pitiful look, that sweet Leigh was having a hard afternoon! She did enjoy watching her daddy though.

We got them dressed up to pose with their pumpkins--it was impossible to get a good picture. You can see Leigh was snuggling with her Toto which gave me the idea months ago that the girls would be Dorothy and Toto this year! (Toto is Leigh's dog that she sleeps with--she got him as a Christmas gift the year before she was born--and she's attached!)
She needed a sweet sweet Daddy-Daughter moment!
Our first trick-or-treater was a friend who was also dressed as Dorothy! This is Sara Beth and Sara Foster.
It took them a house or two to get into it, but once they did there was no stopping them! They had a lot of fun going house to house. This was our first year to do it. Last year our only stop was the Davis'.

Yesterday, Sara Beth had a big day at school. Of course, Toto jumped right in and thought she was 3.
Trinity has a cute little parade. Honey and G came to watch.
And so did Daddy!!!!!!!!!!
They were led by their fearless leader, Mother Goose (aka Mrs. Neville).
Here is Sara Beth's class.
She completely got into this.

They also got dressed up for gymnastics this week. I think it is so funny that Fico is a hotdog. Fico was one of my coaches 18 years ago!


laura said...

Cute pictures!! They both are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Those girls are cute!!!
Who is that gray headed old man?


Holly Henson said...

they are sooo cute! i love both costumes. you did a great job making dorothy!