Thursday, October 15, 2009

ducks and a project

The girls love to feed ducks! We have found the perfect spot because we can stand on concrete and the "mean" ducks can't get us--so it's all fun!

And there are even a few turtles!

Sara Beth thinks there are 14 days in a week--due to a nap in the middle of each day. This has been causing a lot of problems and confusion, as you might imagine. So, a couple of weeks ago, we solved that problem! We made a calendar with her schedule. It has helped so much. I would encourage every mother to do this. It was easy to do. We divided each day into four inches and it fit perfectly on a long piece of poster board. We discussed each day and drew a pillow for a nap each day. After we marked it out in pencil, I let her color it.
It was a helpful, fun, rainy day project! The green flower is on a clothes pin and we clip it on to the day of the week! She loves it!

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