Monday, November 23, 2009

doe and sara beth getting in some good reading time

happy birthday mom (11/11), dad (11/14), and zeb (11/17)--we had a fun little birthday party at our house, but we were sorry dad missed his own birthday party cause he was sick
a few weeks ago, sara beth said 14 catechism questions at one time and received this crown. she wore this crown around the clock for four straight days! we were proud- she worked very hard and really wanted to do this!
what are these you ask? chestnuts

there is a good reason that i am 29 years old and had never had a chestnut! my cooking club assignment was chestnut stuffing. i wish that i was a good writer so that you could really get the full picture of this story.

first off, it took 20 minutes at kroger for the clerks to locate the chestnuts (still in the box in the back). i get home and immediately call for back-up: Sara! we spend the next 3 hours roasting and peeling, peeling, peeling those things. (i have heard that williams sonoma has them already done in a can--i don't care how much they cost I am DONE roasting chestnuts!)
Sara smiling with a sarcastic smile on her face! In the end, the stuffing was delicious and everyone enjoyed it! Sara is doubly glad that we are done because she doesn't have to listen to me sing, "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" anymore! And--my kitchen didn't even smell good when they were done!
November 1st we went to Tupelo for the baptism of then newest Henson, Reed. We had a great, quick trip. We left at 7 am and were home by 5 pm! This picture cracks me up because Leigh was trying so hard to hold him and then stand up with him. You can tell that Reed wasn't enjoying this nearly as much as she was!
We tried to get a good picture of 5 out of the 7 grandkids--pretty good minus the shadows!
Sara Beth has also taught Leigh a couple of the catechism questions already!


Anonymous said...

Great update. Leigh knows she is no longer the baby - it is now Reed. Swing picture was good.

Anonymous said...

i like the question "now can i ask her the hard one" go Leigh! honey