Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun at the Fair

My parents have continued the tradition of taking their grandkids to the fair. I grew up doing this with Doe and Dub and have the best memories. They can't go anymore, but they love to hear all the details! This year Elizabeth's kids joined us. Elizabeth had a hysterectomy yesterday, so we have the sweet privilege of keeping their kids for a few weeks--which made the fair even more exciting for SB!

We started off at the petting zoo--Bo Bo had the most fun!
Although, the kiddos had a pretty good time, too!
For a while, Leigh was content hanging in the stroller. Notice I said- for a while!
Then we hit the rides...
And Leigh joined in on ride number 2 and hung with the gang the rest of the time!
Up high in the ferris wheel

And all that riding made them hungry--nothing like a free biscuit. (i do realize this pic is terrible--but i took 3 and this was the best)
After some biscuits and chicken, all were content and ready to head home.


The Hensons said...

that is such a cute picture of katie and sb on that green rocket (or whatever it is)...definitely frame-worthy!!

Timothy said...

how fun. what sweet memories! glad you all survived the cold. it's 47 here right now...burr. i don't know if i would have weathered it as well!

Timothy said...

oops...that's jen-not tim commenting on your blog.

The Pegg Family said...

Looks like a whole lot a fun! Miss being there!

Anonymous said...

really,really cute. honey

Kelly Kennedy said...

Looks like y'all had fun! Katherine loved the animals, too! It was sooo cold!