Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Weekend in Atlanta

So, we went to Atlanta Wednesday thru Saturday of last week- this is what Leigh did for hours on our trip! I am not exaggerating! My Dad had a blast making raspberries with her all week!

My parents always make a trip to Ted's Montana Grill when they are in Atlanta. This time Sara and Dad got into making wax glasses! They ended up with the wax sticks instead of the kids.

We went to Atlanta to celebrate Katie's 3rd birthday (Aug. 26th). This is how Sara Beth and Katie used the slip n slide for the first part of the party.
Then Dad taught Sara Beth how to do it....
And do it she did--about 50 times! I am sure Dad's shoulder is very sore! You can tell she absolutely loved it!

In 1994 we went to Arkansas and went on a safari. It is one of those stories that gets told over and over in our family. Monkeys climbed on our car, Dad got scratched by a baby cougar, and Sara got bitten by a deer. Well, things have changed some during the last 14 years due to law suits-I guess! You can no longer hold a cougar, but Elizabeth and Clark found a safari about an hour outside of Atlanta and our family knew we must go! Unfortunately Zeb had to work so he didn't get to go. It did not disappoint--we had a blast!

Here Mom, Dad, and the kids are posing for a pre-safari picture! Sara Beth isn't taking her eyes off the ostrich!

Isn't this cool? So much better than the zoo!

Here is Sara Beth feeding a deer! She liked it when they licked her hand! YUCK!