Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just like my Daddy

Zeb has had a busy month this month. Sara Beth is at the age where she really misses him. When he gets home she tells him, "me miss you today daddy". Zeb is wonderful with spending a lot of time with the girls even though he is worn out and exhausted. Sara Beth has said and done several things about this that we think are cute. She mowed with him for an hour the other day. She came in and had worked up a serious sweat and red face! She has a pair of red gym shorts that I put on her for the first time after she mowed. As soon as she saw them she looked at me and grinned, "Mommy, me mow like Daddy..and, go run like Daddy." We went back outside and she mowed a little more, then we had to go the front yard and she ran up and down the street like Zeb does when he runs.
This is the face Zeb gets everytime he looks at Leigh! She doesn't even make him work for a smile!


Anonymous said...

i go out of town for a few days and there is Leigh sitting up. what a cute picture with such a big smile. honey

Elder Family said...

Hey Anna!
I found your blog on Brittany Odom's blog and I am so glad I did. Your girls are so beautiful!! I love keeping up with people and their families from their blogs. I will have to put your link on our blog which is