Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween Weekend

Last weekend was Halloween weekend and due to large amounts of rain everything got moved around.  We ended up trick or treating on the 30th.  It actually made for a great and relaxing weekend!

Thursday after school we went to Nannoh's to show her their costumes.  I love this picture of Sam.  He literally had his mouth open listening to her tell of how she shot a possum through a hole because it was after her chicken and eggs, as well as a few other stories of her good aim.

Friday, Sam had his party at school.  I was lazy crafty--meaning super easy crafts.  He didn't care if I spent an hour on them or 5--he was happy to bring fun food to school.

I love this Star Wars picture that the director of the preschool texted me!

A waitress, Han Solo, and Princess Leia

and a pig that wasn't too sure she was into being a pig...

we trick or treated with the Jordans, as usual.

Uncle Brad always dresses up, but this year G and I decided we would both be pumpkins.

It rained most of Saturday which made for a great movie watching and book reading kind of day.  We decided to just carve one pumpkin this year.

Later in the afternoon it stopped raining so these two did some puddle jumping.

We ended our lazy day with pumpkin spice pancakes.

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