Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Back to School--4,2,PreK

Yes...I know that school started 11 weeks ago...

We did manage to have our Back to School night dinner--an even on the 1st night of school!

We got pictures of the 1st day without breaking an arm this year! So, we called that a success!  

SB was very excited to have Mrs. Burt.  Zeb had Mrs. Burt as a second grader, so she thinks that is super cool!  We are hoping that Honey runs across a picture of Mrs. Burt and Zeb in 2nd grade.

Leigh has Mrs. Tidwell this year.

Since the first day of school is a 1/2 day, we squeezed  in a tea party at Friends. (everything was a little off this year because my grandmother died right before school started...)

This big guy turned 5 in July so he is doing kindergarten at Covenant and then will do kindergarten at FPDS next year.  We are calling it PreK this year--and he loves it!

His sweet teacher is Mrs. Brown.

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