Monday, April 7, 2014

Going to the chapel, cause we're, gonna get married...

So... I've told everyone that I've talked to in the last two weeks that my sister is getting married!  I'm just a little excited!  Last June, after my sister accidentally pinched her finger off we were sitting in the doctor's office for almost three hours while they were trying to get part of the cast off.  I casually asked her if anyone was trying to set her up with anyone.  She named a few people that I didn't know and then mentioned that Ceci was trying to set her up with some guy named Brad.  She said she wasn't going out with him and had no interest in him!  Putting things together I knew what Brad Ceci was talking about and informed Sara (as only big sister's can) that "she had to go out with Brad"!  I pulled out my Ipad and for the next 30 minutes we went through his facebook page (skipping the pics that weren't the best) and I told her everything I knew about him!  I think just to shut me up she agreed to let me call Ceci!  I called Ceci before I was out of the parking lot and as they say "the rest is history"!!!  

After he proposed, he had all of us get together at his sister's house for a celebration!  
(The decorations were so cute!!!)

This picture was taken less than 5 minutes before Sam threw up all over my feet!  (on my favorite shoes that I just had to chunk!)  Poor guy had the stomach bug and sat in the car and watched a movie the rest of the evening!

My kids began calling him "Uncle Brad" that night!  We are so excited to soon welcome him into the family!

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