Sunday, April 13, 2014

Field Trip, Race, Painting, Playing Outside...

We had one of those rare weekends where everyone was home and everyone was in a good mood.  I am very thankful for times like this weekend!  I am sure that the gorgeous weather had a lot to do with it!  Our weekend started on Friday, when Sara Beth and I made a trip with her class to the Petrified Forest.  What a fun field trip! This group loved it.

After the field trip we went to Fat Cat Ceramics for our annual egg painting!  This is one of my favorite things we do! I have had so much fun going through the eggs they have painted in the past!  They took this very seriously.

A beautiful day definitely called for a trip to the park before meeting Zeb for Mexican!

Proud of Leigh for conquering her fear and making it over the rock wall--twice!

Saturday morning was Day School Dash Day!  Fun, fun, fun!  Sam's rocket launcher makes a great he took pictures of the race!

These two ran the 5k--quicly I may add. SB ran it 32:57.  

These two are tiny and speedy!  They ran one mile in 11:13!  

Some of the kindergartners ready to run...

Their sweet teacher, Mrs. Matclock

We had plans of going to Starkville on Saturday.  The large crowds scared us away so we spent the day just playing outside at home!  Leigh and I did manage to make a trip to the farmer's market for some dinner.

After dinner, we played a game of Wii bowl!  I don't know if this little one can really bowl or not, but she sure can Wii bowl!  She won with a 136!

After church this morning, we met Brad and Sara (and Brad's sister) at Babalou for a birthday lunch!

After long naps, we played outside.  Sam has been catching all the bad guys in our neighborhood lately.  Our street is definitely safe with this guy on the hunt!

We are going to close out our weekend with the girls singing in church tonight!  And I think we will be good and ready for this week!

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