Monday, March 17, 2014

NOLA 2014

John 1:3
All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.

We spent the first Friday and Saturday of Spring Break in New Orleans.  We did it all--The Insect Museum, IMAX, Zoo, and Aquarium, and of course Cafe Du Monde.  

We had a continuous theme going all weekend about God being creative.  We could not get over the colors of the animals.  I think when we saw so many different kinds of creatures in such a short span of time it really hit us all!  It was also fun to see the purposes of bugs.  I don't do bugs--like, at all!  I will start to help Zeb in the yard and then have a slight panic attack over some kind of bug.  It was neat to see how God uses EACH creature for a purpose.  Maybe I can remember all I learned and get over my dislike of bugs!  Maybe.

Here Zeb is picking Leigh up to pretend she is a bird.  In the cage below her were camouflaged bugs. He was showing her one of the ways these bugs were protected from birds.

I love going out of town with our crew because I always learn a lot about my kids.  It's fun to see how this much this child loves animals!  She will touch or hold anything!

Leigh and I didn't exactly love the birds flying all around.  We got out of there as soon as I could distract this bird from my pocket.

I could not even count the number of comments we got about Sam wearing his Batman cape all of NOLA.

Batman had freezing powers during the time we were there.  We all took turns being "frozen" by Batman.

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