Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The freezing day outside yesterday was the perfect setting for the girls Frozen birthday party!  Charlotte Meadows did a fantastic art party!  This was the first birthday party that we've ever had somewhere!  And let me just say it won't be our last!  I bid and won on this party at a silent auction!  Both girls had a great time!

Charlotte had a sample picture painted.  I love how creative the all of the girls got.

Batman was the lone boy at the party!  He's showing off his new cape that he got.  It was the perfect distraction for him.  He was so well behaved and not at all interested in painting.

It meant so much to the girls that Mr. Brad was able to make it!  He even got his hands dirty and helped a few girls!

There was 25 six and eight year olds at the party and each one was so well behaved!  I couldn't get over how sweet, polite, and thoughtful each little girl was!  I am very thankful for Sara Beth and Leigh's friends.

We have two precious friends who are 3 and 4 years old that are battling cancer right now-- Andrew Cross and Campbell Dale.  The girls decided that they would like their friends to bring art supplies to take to Batson in honor of Andrew and Campbell!  Look how many their friends brought!!!  The girls are so excited about taking them to the hospital next week!

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