Saturday, March 1, 2014


Yesterday we had a lot of fun celebrating our biggest girl's birthday! I'm not sure if it is harder to believe that she is eight, or that I am old enough to have an eight year old!  Either way---she's 8 and I'm not believing it!  She started off her morning with dough-nuts and candles! 

She knew I was coming to school, but Zeb surprised her by being the Mystery Reader!

After school, we went by my grandmothers and had another celebration!  This time it was for Leigh too!  Her birthday is right around the corner!  

For dinner she requested meat (any kind), mac and cheese, and roasted broccoli!  She's easy to please!  Everyone enjoyed a yummy steak dinner!  After dinner, she opened her presents.

And had dessert for the 4th time!  

Sara Beth, You are the so very kind!  Daddy and I are both so proud of you!  You love Jesus with your whole heart, soul, strength, and mind.  And that shows in how you live your life.  We pray that you always stay near to Him.  Here are some of the things you like right now:  soccer, friends, gymnastics, playing outside, reading, American girl stuff.  You like most any food--but definitely prefer things not to be mixed.  You would be fine if you never ate another casserole in your life!  We are loving watching you grow up!  You sure are fun! We love you!

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Long Life said...

She looks so pretty and like a small adult.