Wednesday, May 29, 2013

San Fran

Zeb had a conference in San Fran and I got to tag along.  One of our friends said, "I can't wait to hear what y'all ate because I know y'all like to eat".  Ha!  He was right! And we did lots of good eating.  We went four years ago, and I didn't feel like I had a really good meal the whole time we were there.  This time was different.  We had done our homework and it paid off.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to eat all of the places we wanted.  I have a HUGE list of San Fran things to do if anyone is ever headed that way.  I compiled it from several different people.

After quite a long plane ride, we were ready to hit the streets when we got there.   It was about 2:00 CA time so we figured we would walk to dinner.  It was about a 3 1/2 - 4 mile walk there which usually isn't a big deal for us at all.  However, after being cooped up on a plane those San Fran hills seemed even bigger than they actually are.  We were almost home (maybe about mile 7) and I made Zeb feel my calves.  They were literally shaking!  ha!

The pictures do not do the hills justice!

Our destination was a place called Mamacitas that Erin had told us about.  We checked out the menu online and it sounded just like us!  It was happy hour, so we got several small plates and split them.

Top of Lombard Street.  Love the view of Coit Tower.

view from bottom of Lombard

 The next morning, I talked to the concierge and told her I wanted to walk a mile or two to breakfast, but I needed a safe rec because I would be by myself.  She told me to go to Mara's in the Italian district.  On the way, I went through China Town.  It was so different going through China town this time knowing I have a precious niece in China now!  I spent the walk praying for her.

Mara's--so so so good!

The man on the plane next to me told me to go to the Fortune Cookie Factory.  Now, I was thinking factory.  I can't even express to you my shock when I finally found it on a side alley.  What you see in the pictures is IT!!!  It is literally three women sitting in a room making fortune cookies.  It was very cool!  And yes, I did pay her 50 cents.  I even bought a bag of 6 for $1 to bring back to kids!  

 One of my goals on this trip was to eat from a food truck.  So, on Zeb's lunch break we went around the corner from our hotel and ate at Bacon Bacon.  We split a grilled cheese (with bacon of course).

Our plan was to eat that sandwich and then get something else from another truck, but after the pastry from breakfast and half a bacon grilled cheese my stomach was done!

We had to go in this Walgreens.  I mean this is a Walgreens--have you ever seen anything like it?? I sure didn't know you could by sushi (and people were in line) at a pharmacy!

For dinner we hit up a place called Tony's.

This pizza has one awards all over the place.  It was good and I will definitely go back if given the chance, but I am not sure it is the best pizza I've ever eaten!

Part of the fun of San Fran is just walking around and looking at the view of the bay and the architecture in the buildings.  

The next day we split a bbq sandwich at a restaurant at the Ferry Building  

 before catching a ferry to Sausalito.

San Fran from the boat


We spent a while walking the piers looking at the beautiful sailboats and yachts.

We ate an early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory which is outside on top of the Macy's building!

 The next morning after Zeb had a meeting we went to a place called Mama's for breakfast.  After standing in the line outside for about 30 minutes and going no where, I called and got one chocolate french toast to go.  We waited another 30 minutes for it and then ate it in the park across the street.  It was really good but people wait 2-3 hours regularly for breakfast.  To be honest, nothing is worth that kind of wait.

We walked by this church several times and it is just gorgeous!

Of course we had to check out the seals on Pier 39

Next stop, the chocolate factory!


Saturday was by far my favorite day! After Zeb's meetings, we put on sweats and headed off on foot to the Golden Gate Bridge.  

 We picked up lunch at a market we had spotted earlier in the week and enjoyed this view...

Then we walked and walked until the Bridge that was miles away was under our feet!

This was a big accomplishment for me because four years ago I didn't make it very far because I turned an ran off!

On the west (I think) side of the bridge there are beautiful trails.  Of course, we took them!

And my token picture of a street car, for Sam!

And 50 pictures or so later, I have done our trip!  It was great!  Can't wait for the next trip---a long long time from now!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures but many did not come up. Sorry to miss them. Honey

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