Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Epcot-Day 4

This was the closest I ever got to tears---and I was real close.  As we were waiting in line for Epcot to open, Leigh threw up.  It was one of those "I have no idea what to do" moments.  I mean, we are at Disney and we are paying a lot, but I definitely don't want to push a sick little one!  After texting Zeb, I decided to go on and get her a Sprite and see what happens.  As we get through the gate Sam tells me he needs a bandaid for his tummy because it hurts.  Thankfully that was just a false alarm!  We come up with a new seating arrangement (see below) and we are off!

SB just did a school project on tomatoes so she had to pose by the tomato facts.

By the time we make our way through the sculpted characters, we find a park.  All three wanted to play--even Leigh! I cautiously let her play because I though even Disney workers might get upset if they have to clean up throw up from the same person all before 9 am! Thankfully she was fine the rest of the day.  She didn't eat much, but only got sick one more time around 1:20 a.m.

Love Sam's arm around Leigh!

Both girls got to talk to Crush

Zeb joined us right before lunch and we got in a few rides!

Alice was by far the sweetest character.  She really chatted quite a bit with the kids.

Naps seemed extra hard this day!

We went back to Epcot after naps and did a few things before it started really raining.  We decided to go to a Mexican place we like that isn't too far away!

I was sharing my salsa with Sam in this picture!  I love it because he typically isn't this happy with me! He always wants his Daddy!

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Claire Nettles said...

Glad you pushed through and the illness didn't go further! Looks like Leigh is a dress girl like Kate. :-)