Friday, March 29, 2013

Today, I watched one of my dearest dearest friends bury her precious baby boy.  I can not even find words to express this week.  It literally takes my breath away. As I keep thinking about this week, I keep coming back to one thing.  I have seen the grace of God this week and it is truly amazing!  God has shown me (us) his power in using weak people.  Now, I could sit here all night and tell you all the reasons why she has been one of my best friends for almost 15 years--but what I have seen this week has  been God's sustaining grace.  His grace is sufficient takes on a whole new meaning.  He is enough! There has been joy--a joy that only God gives.  There has been peace-- a peace that only God gives. Many many prayers were answered this week.  This little boys death was not a surprise.  It is one that we have known was medically certain for months.  We have talked, prayed, and cried about it from every angle.  What a sweet gift to them that his funeral was held on Good Friday.  It is because of Good Friday and Easter Sunday that they have been able to face each day.  I can't help but sing, "Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow".  God knows what it is like to bury a Son.  Because of Easter, he will protect our souls for all eternity. He has bought an eternity for us that is safe and secure where there is no more illness and no more tears.  When I left the hospital Tuesday night, I wanted to run up to everyone I saw and say "Do you know Jesus...Let me tell you what he did for my friends today."  Because they cling to him as their Lord and Savior, He has comforted them in ways that I can't describe.  All the while they have constantly been pointing their family and friends to Jesus. They know that this life is not all there is and that because of Jesus they will one day be reunited with their child. It has been an absolutely beautiful and absolutely heart breaking time.  Jesus is not their crutch to get through this life, He is their life.

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