Saturday, March 2, 2013


I can't believe how quickly time is flying!  My biggest baby girl is 7!  We had a big day Thursday celebrating!  Sara Beth is still so sweet and thoughtful.  She absolutely loves school and learning!  She has really enjoyed playing soccer this year.

We started the morning before school with some of "Mrs. Kipp's bread" while she opened presents from us!

A quick pic of the kiddos--this was about as good as Sam was all day.  He quickly went downhill with strep! Poor guy!

We had her birthday party right after school.  She decided she wanted to do a cake decorating party! It was such a fun party!  We will definitely be doing it again! I have been baking and freezing cakes for about three weeks so that each child would have a 9 inch round.  That part was fun and not hard.  I did make all the icing which I will not do again.  It was an absolute mess!  It took hours and I think my kitchen will permanently have a layer of powdered sugar!  Next time, I will find a bakery that will sell me some!

While the girls were eating snacks I showed them (in about 3 minutes) how to decorate a cake.  This was the cake we used as her birthday cake and ate at the end of the party.

Cake boxes they decorated with foam stickers and sharpies 

One of the little girls was allergic to eggs so I made her an eggless cookie cake. They took home their spreaders and cake.  I had sprinkles, m &m's, and 3 different colors of icing to decorate their masterpiece.  They all frosted their cake with a light pink.

Their snacks were goldfish, oranges, and cheese cubes.   The drinks took 5 minutes to do and were so fun.  I took pink chocolate and put it around the glasses with pink and orange sugar.  I filled the glasses with orange sherbert and gingerale.

snack time

sick Sam

The girls had so much fun and worked so hard!  I could not have done it without my Mom and Sandi!  They both helped so much!  Definitely need extra hands!

Dad (he helped a ton too) did get Sam to eat a few bites of a frozen milkshake!


Runs With Scissors said...

Your fun idea turned into a great party for SB. You work harder than just about anyone I know.

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