Thursday, March 14, 2013


On Monday, my sweet and funny little girl turned 5! It is absolutely amazing to me how much she has matured in the last four to five months!  She is really becoming a big girl!  Since her birthday falls during Spring Break, we have spent a lot of the week celebrating!  We started off Monday morning with doughnuts and presents.

Graham and Jake came over to play for the morning!  I love that Graham is her best friend!  Works out perfectly for me and Bec! (and not to mention that Jake is Sam's only friend right now!)  Then Honey came and took Sara Beth, Leigh, and Graham to lunch.  They all felt so big going off by themselves!

Zeb took off about 3:30 on Monday and we all went bowling!  It was a fun (and expensive!!) family activity!  I haven't bowled in a really long time and I'm really bad! Sara Beth said, "Momma, you are good at some things, but not bowling!"  

Leigh had her party on Tuesday at Bops! 

 The birthday girl!

Believe it or not, she gets shy when all the attention is on her!

That is more than enough pictures for now, but believe it or not, there was even more celebrating!

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